I need help with GSuite, having issues adding a payment method

Aug 26 '20 terry_llewellyn 2362 clicks ask

Hello everyone! I need help with GSuite po sana.

I'm having issues adding a payment method. I already tried Unionbank EON and BPI Savings. Both are not accepted po. For EON, it says they are not accepting prepaid cards. And for BPI, it's always asking me to update the information I input, pero tama naman po yung information na binigay ko.

For sure a good number of people here is using Gsuite. Anyone who experienced the same issue? Any ideas on how to go about it? I would appreciate if you can share some insights. :)

Thank you!

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Hi for the longest time I was using my bdo debit card to pay for Gsuite and google ads but then it was declined and when I inquired from Google support they said it’s because many fraud reports coming from Mastercard Philippines and I can try Visa instead. For a time it was working but recently, I can’t use both anymore.

My GSuite, I transferred to a local Google vendor so I pay them instead.

Google ads- can’t use it still

Maybe use PayPal nalang as your mode of payment? If nakalink yung EON sa PayPal, I think dun rin kukuha ng funds if walang laman si PayPal.