How to prepare for the Skype interview as a VA applicant?

Feb 18 '20 Roque 1231 clicks ask

Hi po! Skype interview ko this Wednesday as a VA applicant. Advice po sana, what do they normally ask? so I can prepare for it hehe. Thank you.

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Pero ito lang naiisip ko, nag recruitment din kasi ako:

  1. what can you bring to the table? itodo mo skills mo dyan.
  2. how do you handle multiple assigned tasks and deadlines?
  3. what's your back up incase your laptop will be broken or lost of internet connection?
  4. flexibility in working hours
  5. how efficient can you finish the tasks given?
  6. tell us something about yourself.
  7. do you have experiences with the applications to be used?

Naisip ko lang yan ha.

Based on my readings and research, don't ask client what you can do for them. Tell them what you can do.

Lagi kong sinasabi sa team ko nung BPO world pa ako, isulat niyo lahat ng skills and achievements niyo. Kahit bullet points lang. It will come in handy. 😊

Goodluck sa interview!!! 😊

Really helpful, thanks!

Tell me about yourself. Pasimple lng ang personal life. Mas marami yung about sa experiences mo. Skills.

they'll check on your communications skills...mag outline ka na lang para you'll know what to talk about and organized sya

You can't really tell what questions they'll throw to you. Expect the unexpected. Just be confident and be yourself :)

Know yourself first and everything will follow. Mostly kasi sa question same lang din sagot. But sympre di ko naman nilalahat. Search ka ng most commonly asked during the interview. Nasa google yan.