Hi guys, meron ba dito na Freelancers na galing sa provinces or remote areas?

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Hi guys, meron ba dito na Freelancers na galing sa provinces or remote areas? Can you tell us how you overcome your struggles/challenges as a Freelancer?

To be specific its like how you get your resources like computers, having a good quality of internet connection, maintenance and repair kasi parang mahirap sa ganitong conditions you have to go to Manila and other main cities just to fix that or how you even tell to your clients about the problem? That is all.

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Here are my tips:

  1. Like the page of your local electric cooperative & your internet provider para alam mo kelan may maintenance 😉
  2. Provide a solution for possible problems ahead. Kung walang electricity, do your have a power bank for your modem? Is your laptop battery okay pa or do you have UPS/ generator? Where else can you work if walang internet/electricity? Kung may problem sa internet connection mo, kaya ba ng mobile data?

Hope this helps!

I'm from Quezon Province. We used to live in Lucena where we had DSL and then in Tayabas where I upgraded to Fibr. Now, we moved to another town (permanent this time), and while the village has a PLDT Fibr facility, all slots are now taken. We have to wait till someone pulls out or PLDT adds a new facility. I inquired with Globe and Asian Vision (local cable x isp), to no avail. Converge is not available in our town too. I have a globe and pldt prepaid wifi. We have some downtime but it's manageable. We just switch from the two prepaid WIFIs and avail of higher promos so they last longer. Both my husband and I are working from home. So far so good.

I live in a tiny town outside of Iloilo. PLDT's signal is pretty strong in my area. My main problem talaga are the power outages. Outages happen like twice a week, around an hour every time. And then may 8 houe scheduled brownouts pa. Super hassle.

For days that they have announced the outage, I go to a coworking space. I also have a WiFi UPS that can power my moden for like 2 hours on battery alone. 2 hours is enough naman to like round up everything.

I suggest to follow the town's local FB page. They announce brownouts there usually. Invest also in a UPS.