What's the cheapest way to make a call for my client's supplier?

Feb 16 '20 Albano 1413 clicks ask

Hi guys,

My client from NZ is asking about a way for me to call his supplier to order things in behalf of him. He's asking a way to do that. It's just a small business, do we need VOIP or there's something else that we can try. The cheaper, the better.

Thanks for your help. 😘😘

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VOIP is your cheapest option.

@Kyrie Any voip suggestion po pls.

ringcentral, 8x8, may international calling capacity.

Buy Skype credits ^_^

Voip is your cheapest option... Once it is set up.. it's like dialing a local number..

@Edgie I see. Any best and cheapest Voip in mind?

Skype credits.

A lot are suggesting skype. Does that mean I need to purchase a number for this? I guess I need to do a research about this. Thanks.

Check rebtel.

@Noel Will do. thanks po.

MagicJack, thats mine, but I think its only for USA numbers.

@Lenzdo Used this before but it's not working for me anymore.

@Lenzdo Oh I see. But it's for US only right. My client is from NZ.

Skype credit tried and tested 🙂

Viber Out, may monthly plans din sila. They'll give you a local number for the country you choose.