Does your US client provide you Health Insurance?

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Health Insurance

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick question, does your US client provide you Health Insurance? My client wants to provide samin 2 employees niya sa PH but apparently ang pwede lang ay Individual Plan kasi not registered siya sa PH. If you have one, What is your HMO plan and how's/what's the setup between sainyo ni client mo? Do you have other recommendations for the ideal HMO provider suited sa situation na binigay ko?


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I just signed up for an individual plan with Medocare. Sa Maxicare kasi, 10% lang ang coverage ng Pre-Existing Conditions, sa 2nd year and onwards. Sa Medocare kasi depende sa usage on the 1st year, pwede magpa-lift ng waiver ng coverage sa renewal year.

We got individual plans then our client just refunds us once we pay our premium and send them the receipt..

Hello! Used to manage a team of freelancers here in the PH. Company is headquartered in the US and has no legal entity here, thus, we can't apply for HMO as a company. So what I did was encourage team members to apply for HMO individually, they have to send proof to us and we would reimburse them.

Try Maria Health

Safetywing provides insurance for remote workers: