Client asks me to be on standby between 9am-5pm EST

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Question: For hourly rate, Client asked me to be on stand-by between 9am-5pm EST and will just send me tasks to work on, if there's any.

I'm a VA, and according to him I will only get paid for tasks that I will do. My concern is, I will be on stand by for whole 8 hours, and yet no guarantee that they will give me a task to work on.

Is that acceptable? Is this really how it works with hourly pay?

Hopefully you can enlighten me. Thank you.

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Hindi dapat ganyan, suggestion lang. Try getting a new client. Waste of time yan

I literally had this same experience. Long story short move on to the next client. Pero if you need "experience" well take it as it is pero keep looking for others. I understand may mga "proving ground" pero thats still not acceptable.

Lol alila ang tingin sayo. Next!

That wont do, not unless you can talk to the client and say prior the start of your work day, he should send you the tasks youll be working on so that you could schedule ahead of time. If he insists that you should be around those times, you should be paid for the hours regardless he had given you tasks or not. Just record your time via clockify or any time recording software/app for documentation. Proper communication lang para win win on both sides.

May mga ganyan ako na client pero I aside from him I also have other projects I work on so that means no screen monitoring or time monitoring or anything. It's actually a good sideline and side income aside from your main work but to be an actual source mejo mahirap. Pero maganda yan pag kasabay ng main clients mo. So the key is actually not to be a full time employee but to have multiple clients all at the same time around 3 or 4 para mas sure and not asking for a exclusive time for you and him/her. Like tasks you can do while working on other clients as well. Marami gusto sa fixed client meron din like me who does freelance work for multiple clients so if clients want your service, give those clients a chance pero don't tell them exclusive ka para di sila mag expect na sila lang sineservice mo.

Ask client if you can apply for other VA work while you are on standby. I have a feeling papayag yan. If not, then find another VA job. Hindi pwedeng standby ka and walang pay.

Nope or unless may isa ka pang client pwede mo syang gawing part time.

Pass jan. Fixed or hourly dapat.

Big NO. Para na din sinabing mag puyat ka ng hindi bayad. Not unless mataas hourly rate mo or may 2nd client ka na pwede isabay sa schedule (not recommended).

Not acceptable at all. Leave... Now...

Hourly rate dapat. Buo dapat na 8 hours makuha mo :)

No! VALUE your TIME. Yan ang puhunan natin.

Unang una, how much are they willing to pay you? If they're willing to pay you $20/hr and they give you a minimum workload of 2 hours per day, panalo ka pa rin.

Also on another note. You dont have to exclusively work for them right?

depends on your rates, pero VA general malabo yun... Kung specialist skills uubra din on call

He already tasked you just by waiting, so it should be paid.

hanap kapa ng maraming projects. don't stick to just 1.

Nope. You could've spent time working on or with other clients.. if guatanteed pay regardless if may task or wala, go ako. Pero pay per work tapos antay ng full shift, ekis saken.