I got the 1000 php penalty for missing class due to weather related power interruption

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As a home-based online English teacher, I got the 1000 php penalty for missing class due to weather related power interruption! Penalizing you for something you have absolutely zero control over is wrong. If anything it just proves that they're only penalizing you for their own profit.

Question 1 : What are some of the things that you can get penalized for and how much do they fine you?

Question 2 : does anybody know if this is lawful?

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Unless DOLE comes into the picture we cannot do anything. I hope one day soon, someone will take notice of Home-based Teachers welfare.

My goodness , penalizing a teacher for not attending classes due to inclement weather is WRONG. In our school teachers get paid though they don't attend to their classes on account of typhoon.

Hope things will change for teachers. My friend just resigned from 51talk they are asking too much from teachers yet paying too low.

She was penalized during the stormy weeks, almost 1k was removed from her pay even though the reason why she missed is natural calamity.

I will guarantee you one thing, They're not taking that penalty from you and giving it to the students.

I had a penalty before around 1000 pesos due to Power Outage...

I wish, pray, and hope that we can have a party list next election, Online Educators. At least, to set up standard rules that Online schools should and must adhere to in order to protect us 😊

There was an earthquake in our area and because of that there was a power interruption. I informed the technical support about it. I told them I couldn't teach because of that, so they cancelled my classes, but they penalized me.

Acadsoc does it. They make filipinos as cash cows and yet filipino tutors can’t disclose their nationality to chinese students to avoid discrimination? That’s down right discrimination and racism after all. 😂

Why don't you go for classroom teaching? It's more stable than online teaching.

51talk is the worst in terms of penalizing its teachers. 51talk is a good stepping stone but they don't value its reachers.

I learned with them and enrolled to online courses and got hired by a company that pays $6 per hour. So always invest in yourself.

The flood during two typhoons reached the knees and I have to pack my computer and work stuff to teach at a different location. Penalty. I asked "should I take the picture with me in the flood waters?" The volcano erupted was angry for more than month, ashes affected the internet wires. Penalty. I asked the "coach" if your life was at stake, what will you do?

Get your children and scram for your lives or inform the company to tag you absent? She hated my candor and sarcasm. I hate the company's injustice.

I have a question, what if you don't have any contract with the company but they're applying that penalties on you?

Ours is quite big, Php 3,000 per cut off for the neglect of duty such as plotting of schedule and being late. Some of our part-timers have contracts but us, new hires don't have.

In my previous employer he deducted us about 600 I think for absent due to power interruption and if your internet corrupted they fine us 300.

Worst is even if it's the students who didn't show up in the class they will still deducted knowing that teacher's work hard to earn plus own expense of internet and power.