Brightvision is looking for a new Project Manager to our Data & Platform team

Apr 22 '23 erdman_5 2089 clicks job
Project Manager

Would you like to join the journey towards building Europe's best B2B agency in IT & Tech?

Brightvision is looking for a new collegue to our Data & Platform team.

As a Project Manager in our Data & Platform team, you're working closely with both our clients as well as other Project Managers, to support our agencies clients with state of the art target data and analytics, as well as overseeing our Outbound tech stack, which encompasses a few different software.

Data: Our data is the foundation in most of our outbound campaigns and we are seeing a bigger and bigger need for this data in inbound campaigns, the data sets the possibility for success so it´s very important to get it right. You will work closely with Brightvisions customers and project managers, as the part that recommend which data that would be the best use for their marketing and sales campaigns. You will work together with our database speciealists to obtain the best data for each campaign.

Platforms: Brightvision is continuously evaluating which tech stack we should use for different campaigns/client needs for out Outbound service offerings. You will as Project Manager for Outbound Platforms, oversee the evaulation, selection, roll out and education/process of using them and deploying new or improved tools for out outbound consultants and project managers. You will in this area work closely with our RevOps specialist. Also being an advisor to our clients, internally as well as externally, to guide and provide expertese around what tools to use for differnt needs and campaigns.

What we're looking for: We think you're a person who have previous experience from both marketing data and analytics of target groups as well as sales positions where you have extensive knowledge about inside sales/SDR/BDR processes, and tools that will support their work.

We're looking for someone who is:

  • customer oriented - wanting to create super happy clients
  • analytical and power user of excel and other BI tools
  • used to set up and implement processes (SOPs)
  • a great communicator
  • advanced tech stack user
  • a good match to our Brightvision culture

If this maybe is you, we're here to chat! :)

Place: Remote or Hybrid (Göteborg)

About Brightvision: Brightvision is a fast growing B2B tech marketing agency, that is working with world leading brands as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and many more awesome clients that we love to work with. We strive toward being the best agency to hire as a B2B tech/Saas company.

As a "People First" company, which is our most important value, we always sets our employees first, and works continously to become the best employer to work for.

We are a remote working company, so the position is either remote or hybrid, if you lives in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Brightvision are involved in many different community projects, via our foundation, BrightFuture. We're also a member of the 1% Pledge initiative.