Any tips for being an online worker as Virtual Manager?

Nov 09 '20 jonatan_towne 1330 clicks ask

Hello. Good Evening.

Anyone who is working here as Virtual Manager?

I was hired last Friday. And I'm a bit confused since this is my first online job.

Any tips for me? I will greatly appreciate it.

Thank you everyone.

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Ask for the scope of work, then aralin mo konti konti habang gumagawa ka ng tasks for your client. Experience is the best teacher.

This is where the line "Fake it Until You Make it" is not applicable at all. Unless you have previous managerial background, this type of work will be hard to learn. This sounds like a project management type of job and if you are not knowledgeable with said job - you are in the dark. A lot of the comments are giving you congratulations - but what is the reason of celebrating when you are confused on what you should do and where to start. So here is what I would say: 1) Have an honest conversation with your client. Clients value honesty and directness and if you feel that you are still the person for the job, then ask your client directly for clarity. 2) Study and study and learn fast! This is not the time to ask people in groups but to study and research on your own what project management platforms there are,what is best suited for your client and what your client does in his/her business 3)If this is your first job and you don't know how to do it - QUIT! There is bravery in saying "no" and being honest to yourself and to your client.

If there's something unclear to you, I would highly recommend communicating that to your client. If the client's instructions are all over the place, don't hesitate to speak up. Politely.

Ask the client, i actually landed a job here before na kala ko madali pero mahirap pala, was hesitating to ask the client since my cover letter was a lil bit confident. But still I ask for an example just to make sure I follow his instructions clearly. Goodluck!

Have you seen the job description? From it, you will know what you are ought to deliver.

Hi, congrats! The best is ask your client what s/he expected from you in your job. Para claro... mas mahirap kung ngayon pa lang, confused na. pag sina bi kasi na manager sa ibang bansa mean you 'manage xxxx' of the business For example: VA (Marketing Manager)

  • you assist with the marketing of the client product/services So it's best to ask your client 😊 so you can isolate what's your main role. Maybe the client is expecting so much from you.


Congrats on your recent win! first time experience can really be confusing sometimes. You may have been thinking of unsurmountable things already. What I can say is focus on what your client needs from you. Be on top of your game and always communicate whatever detail that needs to be communicated to your client whether to make the business grow and to make your partnership together stronger 🙂