Is there any EAL companies hiring Filipino based abroad and no ESL experience required?

Mar 12 '20 Leen 2573 clicks ask

Hello. Is there any ESL companies who hire:

  1. Filipinos based abroad
  2. No ESL experience

(except ACADSOC, BIZMATES, NC, Antoree, ABC360) I've submitted my application to these companies.

Thank you for responding 😊

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Yeah Native Camp pays low P55 per 25 min sudden bookings and P60 per class on booked classes Willam that's too low for non native speakers and for native speakers such a big difference P144 per 25 min class and P430 per booked class.

@Ysabelle In Native Camp the rates are P55/25 mins for sudden lessons, and P80/25 mins per booked lesson. Much higher than any other companies which rates are based per hour. Imagine if you don't have any booked lessons you won't get paid. But in Native Camp, if you don't have booked lessons still you can earn through sudden lessons.

try native camp and rarejob.

You should withdraw your application from ACADSOC, BIZMATES, and ABC360. It's one thing accepting low pay because you lack experience, but to work for schools writing fraudulent contracts and not treating you as an independent contractor by imposing financial penalties against your pay is something nobody should do.