Anong mga recommended training para maimprove yung communication skills?

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Hi all. Anong mga recommended training para maimprove yung communication skills?

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Manood ka ng English films. Promise. Tapos i-practice mo yung language daily, verbal and print. ;)

The thing is that one cannot improve their communication skills if they don't put it in practice everyday. Kasi kahit anong practice natin sa English, if we don't live by it, we will forget it eventually.

I would suggest for you to communicate with other people in English. You may try chatting with people online, like here in our group. You may talk to close friends or family members who are willing to help you. Basta you explain to them your intention on why you want to improve your English/communication skills. If someone calls you out for having wrong grammar, take it as a criticism to improve your speaking.

You see, improving your communication skill is more than just reading books, watching movies, etc. You have to live by it. You have to put it in practice every day. That's how you improve the way you communicate with others.

I wish you all the best! :)

watch lang ng english movies palagi, yan makakatulong sa pronounciation mo when you practice some lines from that movie.. reading books naman will help you with some additional words na madadagdag mo sa arsenal ng mga pang sagot mo para hindi repetitive mga words na gamit mo during an interview.. and again, practice lang.. 😉

Memorize and understand English songs, read English articles and always have a dictionary with you.

Try to take an IELTS exam.

Read anything in english, watch english tellies or movies and practice speaking in english.

Read books out loud..

Talk to yourself or simply share anything in a video, record it and watch it. :)

Maganda lahat ng suggestion. But if you want "proof" of your skill, better take a TESDA Course. It will not give you THE BEST but it is something you could hold on to like a diploma. Follow this up with Continued Learning and Practice.

Read aloud. Record your voice. If a new word comes in na d mo mpronounce or di ka sure, youtube mo. 😊👌

Watch foreign movies dude.

Mag apply po sa call center at mag work for 1-3months at matututo ka mag English, may sahod ka pa. Maganda naman training ng most bpo companies pag dating sa comm. Skills. Matututo ka talaga at may sweldo pa kahit during training pa lang.

Hindi mo naman kailangan mag bayad pa sa training ng ganyan kung may available training naman na may sweldo pa.

Practice the language daily. It's as equally important as your training material.

Read English novels or books and read aloud to yourself. Watch English movies and practice,practice,practice. Be confident in using the language.Push yourself to speak in English as much as you can,don't mind other people.Watch videos and tutorials in youtube or you can google things to help improve skills.Lastly,never give up.

Download Elevate Brain Training app. Dun na improve comm skills ko.

Toastmasters :-)

Here are my pointers for you, 2-part process siya.

First Process: "Listening and Reading"

I'd like to call this area as the "knowledge zone" because here is where "you learn from other people".

Second Process: "Writing and Speaking"

And I'd like to call this area as the "wisdom zone" because here is where "other people learn from you".

I've improved my communication skills in this order. Hope it will do the same for you. 😊👌

Speaking english, like any other skill, requires practice. In basketball, the more you play, the better you get. The more you speak English, the better you get.

Search for Rachel’s English on YouTube

Cocomelon 😂

But on a serious note, reading, watching, and of course, practice work best. 😉