What type of jobs can I get with a prepaid WiFi connection?

Feb 22 '20 Olivirio 3317 clicks ask

Hi, Im looking for any Advice for what type of Job i can get with a Prepaid WiFi connection.

Any Suggestion po?

Most of the Online Job Hiring na nakikita ko is required na Wired and connection. Which I can't do as of now 🙏

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Any data entry will do.

Best to invest. There’s a reason why clients require wired connection.

Mejo alanganin yan lalo na pag gusto mong magtagal sa work.

Jobs actually depends on your skills. Wifi connection is a clients requirement nothing else.

Just dont tell that you have prepaid. 😁 It's your skills that your client's paying. As long as you deliver.

When you're freelancing, your integrity matters a lot, second to that is your skills...so better invest. Sabi mo ayaw ng landlady nyo meaning umuupa k? Then find another place that will allow wired connections..

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