Tella is a chat-based online English school with rate P110-120/hour

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I am a teacher currently employed in Tella. It is a chat-based online English school. The rate is P110-120 per hours, classes are from Monday to Friday 6AM to 12NN.

It takes 25 minutes per session, 5 minutes as your break. Hence, 2 sessions per hour. The students are Koreans, most of them are already professionals. :) You are required to handle 2 students at a time that's why they require at least 50WPM upon application.

I find it easier than the conventional way of teaching which is via video or audio call. Also, they have a teachers' webpage where the students who booked you are listed and the program they requested. Technically, you only have to copy-paste the module on to the chatroom and proof-read your students' answers.

For me, that is a win-win! And an added bonus pa, I am almost always fully-booked. :) Classes are conducted thru Kakaotalk but they are currently developing a platform exclusively for us.

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Thank you for posting. Sorry if this seems like a dumb question but are you able to use KakaoTalk via desktop or laptop? Thanks ♥️

Desktop po but you have to have a Kakaotalk account first via phone. :)

How to apply?

To those who'd like to apply, you may check this post. Good luck! :)

Thank you for your feedback. I have a scheduled exam on Aug 12. And this post makes me feel positive on my application for Tella.

The 6am-12nn schedule, is it fixed or can you plot your slots/class within that timeframe?

I have been accepted and unfortunately I was not able to finish the grammar test on time because I attended to my baby. Sayang. The test was easy pa naman.

Fixed po. 25 minutes po each lesson, so 5 minutes in between. :)

This is great opportunity. Thank you for the info, really helpful. ☺️

How to apply?