Is it true that you can earn P30,000.00 in Acadsoc as a part-time teacher?

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To all those who are working for Acadsoc, is it true that you can earn as much as P30,000.00 as a part time teacher? Thanks to those who will honestly answer.

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No exp? No. With exp? but part time? still a no.

Yes it’s true! But not for part timer 😊 i worked 1pm-12am and i can earn more than 30k per month ☺️

I think P30K is for full time teachers.

My friend got an offer of 60 per hour.. and he earns 3000 per cut off,. and now he has a new pair of slippers.

I work 6hrs during weekdays and 8 hours during weekend I earn about 10k+ percutoff which means for a month I earn about 20k+. I think you need to opene 12 hours to achieve this kind of salary or have a lot on enrollees.

When you say part time, how many hours are we talking about? Very possible to earn this amt esp now coz its summer

Let me clarify something:

Most of these 'English learning/teaching' services aren't in the education business to begin with.

They're in the labor market and the pay & treatment tutors/teachers receive from them are a reflection of what they truly view us as: laborers.🤨🤔

I think we deserve more.

Not as a part timer. You need to work at least 8 hrs everyday to earn this.


If you are being generous with your time, part-time means at least 4 hours a day. Ang pinaka mataas na rate nila for newbies is P100/hour.

So sabihin na natin you teach 4 hours, 5 days a week.

400x5=2,000 2,000x4(weeks in a month) =8,000

Then, may bonus silang binibigay to teachers na makakacomplete ng at least 80% ng hours nila in a day. Meaning na-book yung slots, no cancellation and no absents student man o teacher. Applicable lang din tong bonus sa teachers na nag-bubukas ng at least 4 hours na slots in a day. Pag less than that, di ka eligible for a bonus.

So what's the bonus?

20% salary bonus if classes were 100% completed (ex. 4 out 4 hours were booked and completed = additional P80 to your salary for the day)

10% bonus if 80% of your classes were completed (ex. 3.5 out of 4 hours were booked and completed = additional P40 to yoir salary for the day)

So sabihin na nating araw-araw bongga ka talaga, nabu-book yung buong 4hours mo, the most amount na kikitain mo is P480 per day.

P480 x 5 days a week= P2,400 P2,400 x 4 weeks a month= P9,600

P9,600 lang ang kikitain mo kada buwan.

Kahit po araw-arawin niyo ang pagtuturo, including weekends, hindi pa rin aabot ng P30,000 ang kikitain niyo sa pagpart-time.

Ibang usapan naman ang full-time. Mas malaki talaga kikitain mo dun. Given yung bonus. Possible yung P30K, maybe even more kung magpabibo ka ng maigi. Bukod sa binanggit ko kanina na bonus, meron pang tinatawag na PAB (Perfect Attendance Bonus) iba pa yan. Eligible lang sa bonus na yan yung mga nakapsa na sa probation, which can take months or even a year. May teaching points ka kasing dapat ipunin.

So there. The answer is no. :)

NOT TRUE . Managers are not fair enough. And as a part timer you are only gven 2hrs class the rest locked.

I worked there part-time 7-11pm, 4 hours a day. I usually get 4-5k per cutoff. Puno pa yun ng students ah. You can get this salary if you work for 8 hours every single day.

Yes if you teach full time and given all your classes are booked including weekends..

If you're offered a high base rate, fully booked on a daily, no complaints, penalties and what not especially if new (or old? Not sure) package ka (you can teach from am to pm on weekends ATA even for part timers)+ incentives. Probably. Depende kung gaano ka po kasipag and kagaling siguro.

@Alice Are you sure they even block teacher's account? Can't figure out what's the reason for that.

Yes, it's true. You really have to be diligent with work. No excuses. I used to earn more than 30k.