40hrs per week $4 per hour and I'm doing more than the job responsibilities

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Hello! Just want to ask any advice po. I just started working with this client more than 2 weeks. 40hrs per week $4 per hour and he is my first client. I'm assigned to do admin tasks, email marketing, scheduling his meeting and all. Virtual assistant, I think. But job responsibilities that I remember are mainly pure tech and telemarketing but flexible calls.

I don't mind doing more than the job responsibilities posted because I am learning. It's just that, it's like paying me down because I just do not have magcalls and email marketing first. He will make it $ 400 because it's just a level of work that I groomed. The ticket that I was supposed to do was just too small, because sometimes the tickets came. max of 10 to 15 per day. so admin task gngwa ko while monitoring tickets. Then I need to work on weekends just after the admin tasks are not in my tracker because I only have 40hrs per week.

He said I can not exceed 40hrs per week limit. I was bargaining, I said it wont cover my bills. Btw Im single mom po and I live alone, I dont live with my parents so all my bills, rent and all. I said the upwork fees on paypal fees would cost me my salary. so its like i work on knya outside upwork.

I have a paypal, weekly. I said it was okay if I did not work, but I want to give him my fixed schedule. It is different from time once early, latest is 1am until 9am. For my part, I can take other part-time jobs since I can not even put all the bills of my children. He does not like, (should I not say that?) He says he will remove the limit then $ 2.66 per hour or magwork me outside upwork of $ 400 for no cost.

What do you think po? Ill appreciate all of your inputs. My first client to and only client atm so I can not decide. ?? Thank you po.

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Because you have a lot of your tasks to do, and he hasn't paid yet, but you are still working outside of your working hours. He is so much.. I suggest finding another client as early as now then let him go if you have some other clients else. He wil take advantage of that client.

Before you let go, you'll look for another client for at least you accept something. If there is another client, give it up.

Acknowledged the offer, but refuse nicely. Find an alternative while working with current client.

Next time, if you have a magnenegotiate rate, you won't talk about your bills. It should be your value for his business.