18 years old, a freshman but also a tutor at RareJob

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Just wanna share my RareJob story.

So at first, I had no interest with ESL teaching because at that time, I wasn’t really into teaching. I’m not patient, let alone cheerful towards strangers.

But my siblings told me that I needed the extra money, so why not? ☺️ So I tried to sign up and before I entered the portals of RJ, struggles came about. Like misunderstandings, frustrations, and losing hope at a point. But, I want to try it so bad.

Being 18, I had different priorities, namely my studies. But still, I wanted to take a shot at it.

The moment I was accepted, I’ll be honest, I wanted to cry because of the relief.

And now, on my 9th day of being a RareJob Tutor for the first time, I am happy to read this news/message. Of course, I committed some errors, but I learned from mistakes. So far, with 49 successful bookings, one 204 and six 208’s, I must say, I’m happy here.

I am 18 years old, a freshmen student, and a RareJob tutor. Freshman being a tutor at RareJob

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How much rate at RareJob?

@Pearl 110/hr. 160/hr if you're a Premium tutor.

Wow, so inspiring! I want to enter RareJob as well!