$4/hour USD + Monthly Bonus (3,000-10,000+) - Advertising for Facebook Ads

Nov 05 '20 pasquale22 1422 clicks job

Wage/Salary: $4/hour USD + Monthly Bonus (3,000-10,000+) Required ID Proof Greater Than: 60++ (change to at least 60)

Job Skills: Primary Skill - Advertising - Facebook Ads Secondary Skill 1 - English - Speaking Secondary Skill 2 - Marketing and Sales - Lead Generation Hard Working Facebook Ads Manager We’re hiring a dedicated and hardworking Facebook Ads Manager to join our leadership team! We are an Advertising Agency consulting company based in The United States and we’re looking to hire a motivated self-starter to join our team as a Facebook Ads Manager and Media Buyer who can generate high quality leads for our auto dealership clients. So what’s in it for you? You’ll have clients to work with right from the start. Money ($4/hour USD) + Performance Bonus (avg. 5,000-10,000 USD/month) Long-term employment We’re a fun company and have an awesome work culture. You have the opportunity to be a key stakeholder in the company and see the true impact of the results you deliver for our clients! You must have…

  1. Sufficient time-commitment (40 hours per week) to manage multiple clients.
  2. Extremely Organized
  3. Fluent in English (Written & Verbal) (very important)
  4. Effective at communicating
  5. Effective at copywriting
  6. Must be able to generate quality leads for car dealerships
  7. Very positive in your mindset
  8. Available to work 40 hours a week
  9. Flexible shift schedule (10-7, 9-6, 8-5 EST etc.)

We highly value your experience running ads and having a positive attitude above all else. Some skills are pluses (but not required).

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Generate High Quality Leads that convert into sales.

What will you be doing?

  • Quality Assurance - engaging with the leads and working with the Ads team to improve lead quality and sales conversion rates.
  • Managing Facebook paid ad campaigns for auto dealership clients.
  • Managing Facebook paid ad campaigns for our agency to automate client acquisition.
  • Reducing cost-per lead and increasing engagement on Facebook and Instagram.

You MUST be able to generate on average 1 sale per 10 leads generated (10% conversion) We will be utilizing Slack for communication with the team! Compensation will evolve over time as trust is built & you will be given more clients with successful results.

If you seem like a good fit, a member of our team will schedule you in for an interview this week!