China based company looking for data entry and email extration

Apr 19 '20 AnneLau 2186 clicks job


We are looking to hire a professional Data Entry and Email Extraction with comprehensive experience.

Our job included: Web Research, web scraping, Business Email Addresses Extraction, Entry into our CRM system Hubpost, contact customer on whatsapp, B2B Lead Generation, etc.

Our company is mainly based in China and sell aluminum parts to overseas.

Salary:$300-400/month depending on performance,

This will be a 8hr/per day and long term job, 2-3 candidate is needed.


  • At least 1 year experience in webscraping customers name, company email address, etc.
  • Highly motivated
  • Must speak and write English well
  • Capable searching through various channels to find customers information.
  • Able to use Mail Merge for Gmail.
  • Skillful to use Google drive. -Must have a STRONG Internet Connection, and work from a quiet, office like setting without loud background noise.

From 0-10 please rate your webscraping skill on getting customers information like email address & Linkined profiles.