Tips for those who are looking for clients as a home-based online freelancer

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Tips for those looking for a client / more clients

Learn how to network Not all employers or would be clients are in doing a home-based online business: some are a friend of someone you know, some are old college friends, some are old colleagues, some are neighbors, and most of them doesn't know you are looking for a client to work with and neither do they know what you are good at.

You can network by simply asking for referrals. make a post in your social media account (and make it public)

You can network by looking at other peoples social media profiles.

One of your friends may have started a small business and may be in need of someone to help them do marketing, etc.

You can network by actually joining networking companies.

You can learn sales/marketing/advertising/branding which will help you a lot.

You may also get to meet people who may have other businesses which you can work for.

Hope this helps.😊😊