3 Tips To Write Excellent Resumes, Especially For Freelancing

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Resume Writing Tips

Just want to share some tips and tricks that I know when it comes to writing resumes, especially for freelancing.

Remove irrelevant information - Madaming nagpapasa ng resume, so maraming babasahing resume si Client. So make sure na lahat ng information mo sa resume is exactly what they need lang. Remove your height, religion, or whatever information na 'di nila need for the job. Usually I just put my fullname, age, address (town lang, 'di ko nilalagay full address ko), email (di ko nilalagay number ko if for freelance purpose), marital status (not completely relevant, but some uses it as indicator).

Currently ang heading ko lang is name, email, linkedin + "Mandaluyong, Philippines"

As for lists of your job experience, I follow this format:

[Date Range]

[Position], [Company / Client]

[Short description of responsibilities, tools and technologies used]

Then after ng job experiences ko, I just put a big list of tools, technologies and skills na meron ako.

4 years experience, pero 1 page lang. Very simple pero very effective (based on personal experience. Got 2 clients in a span of 1 week).

NEVER use graphical representation ng skills n'yo. Don't use the bar indicating your level of expertise or the pie chart. Much better to just indicate you have experience on this field, how many years and your level of expertise by word (beginner, advanced, expert).

Reason for this is some clients/recruiters may use a software para iscan lahat ng mga applications (imagine if 100 ang nagpasa ng resume), and etong software na 'to is naghahanap lang ng mga relevant na keywords sa isang resume to indicate sino ang mga best match. So if you're using graphics instead of texts, hindi yun mababasa.

Just remember na busy ang mga clients (kaya nga sila naghahanap ng tutulong sa kanila). So they have limited time and shortage of attention span. Make sure na in 10 seconds of seeing your resume, majujudge agad if you're qualified or not.

Also, if you're using Upwork, filter jobs with only 5 or less proposals for higher chance of getting hired :D

I hope this will help you guys, feel free to add your own tips in the comment.

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Ending your cover letter with "Godbless" is a sure way to get that job ,🤣🤣🤣

Thanks for this!

Got my client and impress her with my 1page resume.

I agree with most except the bar type for skills. Yung resume ko is also my sample work as graphic designer. And yung resume na yun got my first client in 4mins :)

Yup. You should also include relevant skills from your past work. And don't forget a table of your portfolio with descriptions and links to where it's posted/uploaded.

Yes. Irrelevant info ang nakalagay sa resume na wala naman dapat. Please do not include your skills na parang hobby niyo lang and mas binabasa namin yung nasa unahan ang experiences..