$1,700-$2,150 salary, looking for qualified teachers for the coming school year

Feb 25 '20 Thuy 1641 clicks job

We are looking for qualified teachers for the coming school year, salary range: $1,700 – $2,150, in Hanoi, Hai Phong and Ho Chi Minh city (Day time, work day)

Please see as below:

  1. Requirement:
  • Bachelor / Master of Early childhood education (can NOT be replaced with a TESOL or TEFL)
  • Or PGCE
  • Non-native with clear accent is accepted (Philippinos are preferable)
  1. Benefit:
  • Lunch: Lunches are supported by the school at cafeteria
  • Medical Insurance: International coverage. Coverage includes hospitalization and outpatient care. Dental care is excluded.
  • Sick leave: 3 sick leave days per academic year
  • Personal leave: 2 paid days per academic year.
  • Summer holidays: 2 week 100% paid
  • Teacher's visa, work permit, resident card: The School will pay for teacher's work visa, contingent upon the procurement of work permit and resident card.