Premier Metro Realty Corp is hiring aggressive cold callers/telemarketers

Nov 16 '19 Durano 1967 clicks job

Premier Metro Realty Corp is urgently looking for aggressive cold callers/telemarketers, appointment setters for a National Mortgage Lender and Real Estate Management Corporation.

Job description: Appointment Setter/Cold Caller with opportunity for Management within 60-90 days. You will be required to make 300+ calls a day. Leads are provided. Your job is to call, follow a script, fill out questionnaire and schedule appointments. Once the appointment is scheduled your job is done. Pay: You are paid $10 per appointment set. If the client does not show you still get paid. The average rep should set 5+ appointments daily. Good rep, 7+.

How do you get paid? We pay the 1st and 15th of every month via Paypal.

The best caller will be promoted to management and have an opportunity to earn a monthly bonus. Requirements: High-Speed Internet, Good conversational English, Headset.