10 Practical Tips as a Professional Employee You Should Know

published at April 20, 2022

As a worker who has been working for 10 years, from the workplace newcomer to the workplace veteran, I have encountered a variety of things happen. I just share my skills and learnings as a professional worker in the past few years, I hope it will help you!

  • Write down your work arrangements and plans when possible if you don't have a very good memory
  • Please be sure to control your emotions, no matter how angry
  • Do not be a "good person", to help others to complete the work that does not belong to you
  • When handing over work with colleagues, please make sure to keep the proof
  • Do not easily go to evaluate other colleagues, especially bad words
  • Report your work in a timely manner to your boss when possible
  • Never talk badly about the leader behind his back, even in fact he/she really sucks
  • Do not interrupt others to speak, this is a minimum of courtesy
  • If you have different opinions about the leadership's arrangement, please finish the work first according to the leadership's requirements and then find a suitable time to raise them individually
  • Keep learning and level up your work ability all the time, never stop learning is the key to success