Would you choose 13th month yearly or a Tax-Free Salary?

Nov 22 '20 krohan 2745 clicks ask

Hi guys, will you choose 13th month yearly or a Tax-Free Salary?

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13th month🎰

Pede po both? Hehehe

Philippines: We don't do that here.

Define tax free 🤔

13 Month at tax free. ahahaha. I worked in corporate at the same time meron client. ahahaha

tax-free salary grocery at necessiries pa lang lugi na

How can u declare a tax free salary? Hello examiner.... give me some bir rulings.

Tax is vital. I'd settle for 13th month pay.

As a responsible citizen, I should pay taxes and choose the first one.

13th month. Better to do your part as a responsible citizen of your country.

Tax free. I believe we should pay only taxes when we spend the money. Not when we recieve it.

13th month. Tax we need to pay to contribute to nation-building.

Gov. often seeks to tax everything and seek to raise the percentage, it wouldn't be very surprising if xxth month pay is also going to be taxed somewhere in the future. Don't forget the 1st reason why clients hire a VA instead, to save.

Guys reminder - walang tax free na legal. There are work arounds but may tax pa rin yun. If we work freelance, we should still declare tax.

Also good luck getting a loan for a house without ITR.

We need to pay our taxes, but I think its better na tax free kase in our daily expenses eh my tax na..food,water,clothes,electricity lahat my tax,gasoline,vehicles,lahat my tax baka sa salary wag na mg tax kase masyado na mataas taxes nmin pero di nman sapat ang benipisyo.

No way "tax free" happens especially for only certain type of workers.

Better to pass laws to acknowledge online jobs as a profession, provide protection and even tax incentives. That's more practical than "tax free", everyone should contribute to nation building regardless of your source of income.

Just pay your tax people. Only reason most freelancers can get away with it is the government is too lenient right now, don't expect that will always be the case. Mabuti pa yung maliit na sari-sari store ng kapitbahay namin mas malaki pa tax binabayaran kaysa ibang freelancers diyan na may pa humblebrag posts pa. Ni pag file ng sariling income tax return di pa marunong, kahit nalang pag rehistro sa BIR at pagbayad ng 500 na annual fee di pa nagawa.

Let's all be responsible.