Only got 3 reviews in 2 weeks in Amazon, how to improve?

Mar 03 '20 Obnimaga 1747 clicks ask

Hi guys!! Any best way pano magparami ng reviews sa product. We're only getting 3 reviews per 2 weeks in Amazon. 😭😭

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May request review features si Amazon for valid orders.

Be active in commenting with other product reviews as well. It's takes acquaintances to let them know your product too.

Manychat or giveaway. May free training ang ManyChat.

Do you have any email marketing in place? You can send them an email after their item is delivered if they wanna be featured in the community tapos singitan mo ng pa cute if they can leave you a review 😊

Run a search-find-buy (SFB) rebate campaign and give a few products for free. 5 products a day is a good number to start. You'll get a lot of positive reviews if your product is good quality - customers love getting free deals.

Email marketing and chat bot will do the trick. SFB is a bit manual but still does the job. Just make sure you monitor and regulate ung reviews na papasok. Pag sobrang bilis kang magkareview either mapansin ka ni amazon or ireport kayo ng competitor.

Walang grey area kay amazon in terms of white or black hat. Anything done outside amazon can be taken against you. So be very careful!

What if everything above is already in process and reviews are getting up but the ranking of a product for a certain keyword doesn't improve? Any suggestions?

@Lanuzo When you say doesn't improve. You mean hindi tumataas? Baka kase tumataas ang rank nyo pero ung competitors tumataas din.

Check if going after the keyword is worth it. Factor in ung actvities din ng competitors kase sila naman ung dapat nyonng makapantay or lampasan.

Also minsan its better na hanggang middle page na lang and wag na mangarap sa top of search.