Work from Home as Data Labeler! Remotasks is hiring Data Annotator

Jan 30 '22 ezra_runolfsdottir 8861 clicks job
Remotasks Data Annotator Data Labeler

Work from Home as Data Labeler (AKA Data Annotator) Remote Work: Yes Position: Data Annotator Company: Remotasks Rate: pay per task, takes about 2 minutes per task on average, $0.04 Working Schedule: Work any time, up to you how many hours you work Work Duration: Long term Start ASAP, Daily orientation at 3pm

This is a pay per task project that pay weekly through Paypal.

Newbies can join, no special skill need. Only requirement is the ability to follow instructions written in English.

All you need to do is identify and place a box on robot vacuum units and their docks. This is an image annotation or data labeling type of job.

A quick online course and a detailed instruction will be provided.

You will be working through the remotasks platform, the images will be loaded there and the labelling tools will also be there.

Sign up and join our 30-minute webinar and get started right away (of course you'll start earning as well).

Hardware requirement:

  1. Working basic computer (laptop or desktop, will not work on mobile devices)
  2. At least 4GB Ram
  3. Videocard not required
  4. Stable Internet, at least 5Mbps

Expect to earn $70-$100 per week if you work 6-8 hours per day.

Next steps:

  1. Sign up with this form
  2. Attend the 30-minute webinar/training
  3. Account creation (we'll send your login accounts through your email)
  4. Work on tasks

If you read and understood all of the above ^ We believe that you'll be able to do this work. THIS JOB REQUIRES ATTENTION TO DETAIL, if you skipped reading the lines above, please re-read or this is something not for you.