Looking for content writers and highschool teachers

Jan 17 '20 Musngi 2818 clicks job

I'm looking for content writers, high school and senior high school teachers, university students (especially those taking up BEED and BSED).

Work will be remotely and paid through Upwork.

You will be asked to write content related to Philippine curriculum lessons (Elementary, Junior High and Senior High School). 100 words minimum. (Other work guidelines will be discussed later)

If you are a tutor, teacher, teaching assistant, education student, or someone who has a strong academic background, you are encouraged to apply!

Our most common areas/subjects are:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Filipino
  • English
  • Araling Panlipunan
  • Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao
  • and more.

You will be required to write well-thought, comprehensive, original, and well-organized answers to questions related to the subjects mentioned. Each should be focused on helping the student understand not only how to solve the specific problem, but also learn what is it about and more.

This is a long-term project. No specific working hours but we will require you to write at least 30 answers per week. You will also be required to sign an NDA.

Each answer should be:

  • more than 50 words
  • original
  • well-explained, complete, and has examples
  • easy to understand
  • should contain keywords based on the topic
  • formatted properly

Additional guidelines :

  • answers should not contain links to other websites
  • answers should not mention other websites.


  • Experienced tutor or teacher / Education Student, or if you are an experienced content writer
  • Basic SEO knowledge is a huge plus
  • Proficient in Google Spreadsheets or Excel is also a huge plus

Note: you will only be required to write content in this project. No need to interact directly with the student.