Will the 150GB data allocation suffice for a month?

Mar 21 '20 Van 13997 clicks ask

Hello po, need some advice.

Now, with the current situation with the virus eh ipapa work from home kami ng company namin. I'm getting stressed out kase wala po akong lined internet connection at my place and pahirapan at tiyak matatagalan if mag apply ako for lined internet connection because of the location of my place. Then I found this internet offer from a certain network, LTE postpaid plan with up to 10mbps speed and 150GB data allocation for 1299 per month.

This seems like a good option for me to obtain internet connection at my place ng mabilisan kase hindi na need ng lined connection, just router and antenna set up. Ang tanong ko po is, will the 150GB data allocation suffice for a month? Ilang GB po kaya magiging consumption ko for taking 15 - 20 calls, - with 4-5 minutes phone time per call? The rest of my internet usage per day for other data consuming tasks I do I can estimate pero yung data consumption for phone time yung hindi ko po ma forecast.

Based on your experiences, any idea how much data is consumed for every 4-5 minutes call?? Thanks po sa makapag bibigay ng advise and insight.

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Go with that plan since that's the fastest way to have an internet at home. If kulang sayo ang 150gb (which I doubt since voice calls/voice lang nman, unless may video pa), you can add volume boost. Available yan sa Globe at home app.

I have had the same situation before. Before all of this happened. I only use my mobile data on my phone tethered to my laptop either via usb or wifi and only load up a 100php and register it to globes GOTSCOMBODD90 that gives me 4GB of data.and it last for a week of usage. Im doing 8hrs of voice calls with at least 5 tabs open from google doing other task. :) This was just last year before pa nakabit yung fiver line nmin. :) And I have this set up for almost 2months. :) Im not sure if that promo of globe is still available. But you can use your mobile to start working from home. :)

Depende sa apps na gamit mo pero in my case, hindi nag work sa akin yan. 50 gb takes 2 weeks for me and need to look for a turnaround to get internet connection. Lalo na gamit mo ay windows 10 parang mabilis maubos ang data, probably sa background apps din yun that keeps running kaya kulang sa akin ang 50 GB. Dpende sa apps mo po tlga na gagamitin.

Get the one offered to you the 1299 its globe and reliable. Then get a smart prepaid wifi also. This strategy will give you back up if one went down.

Are you using a laptop or desktop?

I believe 120GB is enough. Use it for work purposes only. Avoid unnecessary browsing.

Praying na makabili ka ng pocket wifi or makahanap ka ng kapit bahay na pwede kang makiconnect tapos babayad ka na lang sa kanila, and mawala yung stress mo.

PLDT prepaid wifi 999 plus 199 load for 7days 20gb😑

It will only consume less than 1GB per day. Phone time: 10 calls @ 20-30mins per call thru skype. video conference: 1hr per week. admin tasks: send and receive email /download attachments google browsing, youtube, facebook during idle time.

I think 150 GB for a month is enough.

Meron po ung 995 lang sa pldt. Ung PLDt home tApos loadan lang. mas makakamura. Sa postpaid din kc kung hindi ka satisfied sa speed, hindi mo basta basta mapa cut.

It can suffice po. Basta walang ibang coconnect sa net mo... At di ka rin po mag ffb at youtube para save ka ng gb...

I've been vc my mom in 2 weeks with 2gb for hours a day. Pero preferred po talaga ang lined esp pldt. Kc mabilis at malakas ang connection...

tried using 1gb yun 50pesos gosurf, able to do esl class for 2hrs (video) then 3hrs nonvoice task sending of emails then within that 5hrs na work ko may ofcmate (anak ko) ako nag ml.

Hi Van! I subscribed to a 3rd party provider of Smart Business Line. All you need to do is buy a modem/router na pwede ang sim. 2800 sya per month pero I can host video calls almost everyday. Good thing is unlimited sya.