Which is best? Laptop with SSD or HDD storage for home-based and office works?

Mar 03 '20 Fancubit 1786 clicks ask

Hello po! 😊

Ask ko lang po which is better for nag hohomebased and office works na laptop. Yung SSD or HDD storage? Thank you po sa mga sasagot πŸ˜‡

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my setup is a SSD for the OS and HDD for my storage. may mga laptops kasi na you can use both.

SSD very fast read and write - expensive

HDD not so fast - cheap

@Gesulgon My SSD is only dedicated for OS, all of my storage is on the HDD (Google Drive, Synology and Owncloud).

SSD is good for booting your pc or laptop but for storage , go for HDD.

SSD though more expensive compared to HDD.