What's the rate for private/direct students from China?

Jan 10 '20 Tahir 1796 clicks ask

I have some regular student na gusto magpa PRIVATE TUTOR sa akin and they are from CHINA. How do you give RATES po? I mean ano yung process na ginagawa niyo mga teach? TEACH bago BAYAD or BAYAD muna sila bago TEACH?

I am planning kasi to give PACKAGE like let say for example 50 Classes is equivalent to 5000RMB mga ganyan po.

Any ideas po? And another thing, can they do MONEY TRANSFER directly sa bank ko? I am using METROBANK SAVINGS ACCOUNT

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Better po open ka ng AUB paymate mahal ata fee pag bank deposit.

@Melanie How much is it to open it, po?

how did you get your students for private tutoring teach?

@Loudres From my previous company tapos recommendation from the parent so ayun pasa pasa na

It's a great opportunity teach.. what your previous company po?

AUB ang alam kong naka link sa wechat nila at hassle free pag sa wechat pay ang gagamitin nila..

You can use paypal then connect mo sa gcash mo then transfer to your bank. Di ko lang po sure sa metrobank but for me, I let my stu transfer mkney to my PayPal. Then transfer to my gcash then bpi.

Use AUB rather than Paypal. Mas mababa xchange rate sa paypal. And payment first. Open ka AUB account, 100 pesos lng naman. And 1 valid id.

I have 2 companies and private students as well for 3years nah. , . pag rmb to php, mas maganda aub account.

Pag Korea po kaya ano OK na banko??? Korean kasi mga students ko

And I charge them 200 for 40 minutes lesson.

UPDATE: I already made my rates and package, thankfully okay naman sa parent 🤣

I think mag o open ako ng AUB kapag magbabayad na sila para sure sure