How to deal with the students act like they know more than you?

Jul 27 '19 Lainey 1911 clicks ask

Hello, how to deal with the students that act like they know more than you?

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Prove that you’re the teacher and better than him/her! 😒 explain and give examples 😉 to convince the student that he or she should listen (believe ) to you, as a teacher . ☺️

Keep your cool smile and blow his mind into bits make him ask pardon and ask for an explanation but be sweet the whole time.

reverse. try not to explian everything and use ur "WH" effectively letting him/her talk more than you. Be like a tiger. subtle questioning then attack when there is an opportunity letting that student feels like a kitten na marami pa xang kakaining bigas.... 😈😈😈😈

Then you need to be patient and tell them that you appreciate them correcting you. You need to be the one building their confidence. Maybe they are really good and commend them if they really are.

Let him/her be :) if he said something wrong (grammar, pronunciation) try to thank him for his answer...something like "Thanks for that ___ I really appreciate your answer, but I think its better if you will say it like this.....___" Be patient :) I'm patient when it comes on my students....not so when it comes on my boyfriend hahahahaha