What's the cheapest way to have unlimited calls to other countries, particularly Europe?

Feb 22 '20 Sikat 1125 clicks ask

Hello everyone! Crowdsourcing please. What is the cheapest way for me to be able to have unlimited calls to other countries, particularly Europe?, My new client requires me to have and pay for my own dialing system to call the leads.

The hourly rate is quite generous that's why I think it's fine to pay for it and he's just starting out. I heard skype is about $15-$20.

Are there any other software/tools you know? Thank you in advance sa may idea. 😁😁

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Skype about to be obsolete. Try searching for apps like line2 or similar.

Check out Text plus app.

Skype works. However if client wont pay for it ask him to deduct it in your salary. But if you think he's really legit well go for it. Pay your own skype before salary.

Skype is the most popular but if you are enough ok with IT you can go to VoIP provider. You have a lot and it's really cheap and powerful. It's like Skype but other provider.

Try zoiper/ xlite works wonders.

Go with eyebeam. It requires a SIP account to start with.

Thanks everyone for your ideas. 😁