What should I be careful about Hubstaff while on my shift?

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I'll be starting a new job soon that will be using Hubstaff as a tracker. I am not familiar with it. I've read that it can take screenshots while on a shift. I can say that I'm quite disciplined (not perfect). What should I be careful about Hubstaff while on my shift? Is it worker friendly? Thanks in advance.

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Avoid opening websites/tabs not related to your job in the same monitor.

Everything you do while on clock will be recorded.

As long as you don't open sites/app na not work related, theres no need to worry, and make sure na dpat may activity every 5minutes pra d ma idle.

Hubstaff is very user friendly. It captures your screen every 10 mins. But your client can still see what are those links that you've opened while your time tracking is on.

Is this free to use po? I am using timeproof but it is no longer running my time for my new client plus calendar sa ojt is blank. Pero the app is running habang gamit. I can suggest this to my client instead of timeproof.

@xschaefer yes, it's easy to use both for client and contractor.

All trackers does take screenshot of your screen even how many monitors you have. Don't Idle for too long or your timer will stop.

Yes. It takes screenshots in 20 minute intervals and sinasabi anong apps ginagamit mo. May Idle time din. If di mo ginagalaw yung mouse for 20 minutes, it will alert if you want to keep the idle time or have it remove from your hours. Pero if you choose to keep it, it will be recorded as idle.

The very basic rule is to focus on your job and your tools ❤️ never to open any non related work or apps.

Hubstaff is very user friendly. It takes screenshots and also detect if there's no movement on your computer. All you have to be careful lang is the idle time, other than that HS is okay. Also, If you have integrity and confident that you are responsible and can be trusted with minimal supervision then you have nothing to worry about it.

You can work peacefully and wouldn't even notice that you have the time tracker. Hubstaff is good and I am personally using it. If that'll make your client feel secured about your job then let them be. So long as you know yourself that you're not doing anything that is not job related then hubstaff is okay.

You can do unrelated stuffs on your mobile phone though.

One more watch out with hubstaff is it can also track all the websites you open with your browser and the amount of time you dwelled on that site. So extra careful lang if your work doesn’t allow you to use social media sa work.️ Aside from that, di mo na mapapansin na may “tracker” ka specially if dirediretso naman nagwowork.