What is VA and Cold Calling doing everyday?

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Dumb question:

What is VA and Cold Calling doing everyday? Tia.

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VA is virtual assistance you are like a personal secretary doing all the tasks for your client. Cold calling is you are totally calling to a people who really doesn't know you 100% it means you are total stranger to them offering and selling without any consent or permission.

Sis VA depende po mejo malawak po kasi ang work na ng VA now, so depende s kung anong work ang ipapagawa sayo ng client usually admin related job, so including cguro sa job desc ang cold calling meaning you have to make a call sa mga leads na ibibigay sayo ni client po.. un rn pagkakaintindi ko correct me If I'm wrong ( pro) I am not a VA i am an ESL wanting to be a VA too..

Sa VA po kase mejo malaki ung scope nya pero mostly po non voice account sya. Pwedeng graphic design, website development, ecommerce assistant, executive assistant, marketing assistant, etc. Pag cold calling naman po, voice account. Para pong call center. Mag cacalls ka sa mga possible clients selling and offering services na market ni client mo. Pwede syang real estate, ecommerce, digital marketing, insurance, etc.

Marketing yan po.

Hanapin mo daw po sa Google sabi nung ibang mga PRO na nanghihinayang sa oras nila sa pagsagot sayo!

Cold calling = magtatawag ka sa mga tao na di ka/kayo kilala. VA = malawak ang VA, depende sa ipapagawa sayo. Think of it na parang secretary. Lahat ng di magawa o kayang gawin ng client is gagawin ko such as, booking for hotels, tickets, resto. Magtatawag o magfifilter ng tawag ni clients pati email. Magaayos ng mga bagay for him so he can focus more on other important stuff.

Just want to comment about what I feel. Sana kng may magtanong dto at your not willing to help at pagtatawanan mo lng ang tao, wag nlng magcomment. I think that is what this page is all about to help others. Simple as that. Wag masyadong mataas ang tingin ntin sa sarili. Kc that will put us down. If you have the brain and you know what it is, just tell the answer kng ayaw mo, wag mo.. db ang dali? So please bear us newbie in this industry na wala ganu alam sa mga bagay bagay..

Youtube is the 🔑

I love it when someone spent the time to comment just to help but didn't help at all.

I think this is a valid question as I can relate (di ko din alam). I haven't started working as a freelancer but will start applying after my tenure in March. Newbie sa world ng freelancing so reading posts and comments is extremely helpful as they come mostly from the pros/experienced. Been learning a lot! Negative and sarcastic comments doesn't help at all. Sana wag ibash, asarin o gawing laughing stock ang newbies. Lahat naman nag-start as one.

VA-parang secretary. Pero marami ding types ng VA, dyan na papasok if Social Media manager ka, or sa admin jobs, or nagmamanage ka ng stores nila or schedule,etc..

Cold Caller ako now for real estate investors. Tinatawagan ko yung mga home owners tapos tinatanong ko lng if benta ba nila bahay nila. If yes, may mga follow up questions lang ako about sa prperty, if not naman move on ako sa next call. Yun lang.

Been freelancing for more than 4 years pero di ko talaga masyado alam ang cold calling, ang naiisip ko lang is parang outbound calls siya.

Cold calling is an outbound call - out of the blue trying to check if a lead supports a product, services or an investment process that benefits both the seller, the buyer or the end user.

Kung sasabihin ng iba dito na "i-google" nalang, wag niyo naman masamain. Kasi kung sa ganyan kasimpleng tanong palang eh hindi ka makahanap ng resources on your own to find answers, how are you going to survive in the freelancing word? Be resourceful and always do your reaserch. Lahat ng bagay nasa google na initiative lang kailangan mo. Yan ang una mo dapat matutunan if you want to work from home. and i thank u😂

VA = all round, can even cold call And so we have real state VAs who do admin tasks and call 'strangers' to sell.

But to set the main difference Cold calling = Sales Virtual Assistance = more like an assistant to the client/CEO/owner/entrepreneur but you work virtually. Thus, the obvious, virtual assistant.

I am saying this in a nice way:

I don't want this to sound sarcastic or anything but I'll advise you to be resourceful and research as well. Most clients have high expectations. Ibabato lng trabaho ng walang training (thinking you know E-VURY-THANG) so you have to help yourself.

That's how everyone started and that's why we are still surviving. Even experienced freelancer needs to research from time to time.

Guys, pag nagtanong ang tao ng "what is" di yan nagtatanong ng simpleng definition lang. Anuba. May mga follow up questions yan at may mga information yan na gusto malaman na di magagawa sa simpleng Google lang. Specialized definition and details sa field na to ang kailangan nyang sagot. We all start from somewhere, be kind to the new folks.

Thank you for that wonderful question 🙂

Virtual assistants consists of individuals as well as companies who work remotely as an independent professional, providing a wide range of products and services both to businesses as well as consumers. Virtual assistants perform many different roles, including typical secretarial work, website editing, social media marketing, customer service, and many other remote tasks. The virtual industry has changed substantially as it attracts others new to the field.

Virtual assistants come from a variety of business backgrounds, but most have several years' experience earned in the "real" (non-virtual) business world, or several years' experience working online or remotely.

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Kaya andaming walang JOWA at maraming naghihiwalay kasi walang pasensya 🤣