We're hiring Virtual Assistants

Mar 19 '20 LizSantos 3937 clicks job

Job Description: Hard working team member needed to utilize Facebook for selling health and wellness product.

Typical day of tasks to complete for 3 facebook pages (spend 1 hour per facebook page) ⁃Spend 15 minutes on interest pages (Disney pages, travel pages, other internet) ⁃Like, comment on everything ⁃add friends from those pages (20 per day) ⁃Spend 15 minutes on facebook feed liking and commenting on posts and stories ⁃Invite 10-15 people to the Tru vision facebook page with a message to that person ⁃spend 10 minutes on the tru vision facebook page liking and commenting on posts.

Required Skills: Be conversationally fluent in writing and speaking English. Excellent time management skills Be a facebook power user who understands the complexity of group interactions. Must be passionate about health and wellness. A love for Disney and travel are a plus. Sales experience desired, but not required.

Hours: 9am-12pm (Philippines time zone), 5 days a week. Pay - 3 USD/hour