Tips on how to lower your PayPal exchange rate

Oct 26 '20 muriel96 1899 clicks share

Just wanna share because I know many are sad about PayPal's exchange rate. The exchange rate made me happy today.

I applied for a Unionbank Savings Account through their app, then requested for a physical card. The card came fast, I think it's just for a week. Then I linked the card (not the bank account) to Paypal. Then I messaged / emailed Paypal to change the default currency of my Unionbank card linked to my Paypal account to usd instead of peso. They reply fast. It's faster if you chat with them (Go to Contact Us tehb Message Us). Then when they change the currency, you can transfer USD balance to your Unionbank account but of course it's still peso when you check your Unionbank account.. I transferred today and received it immediately, and upon checking, the forex is P48. 64 compared to PayPal, only P46+ Pebble there's a $ 5 fee every transfer but the advantage is bigger that the forex is high, and there's an option of 1 % fee which is better for smaller transfers 😉 Hope this helps.

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This works! Pero after requesting to have my UB card change to USD currency, nag account limited si paypal ko. Good thing I was able to get NBI hassle free

I did this months ago too, and it really helped. Bale ang susundin na conversion na is depende sa bank nung account/card mo, which is a lot more reasonable than paypal's rates.

Thank you! will give it a try!