The Hemingway Land Company is hiring Assistant Transaction Coordinator

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Assistant Transaction Coordinator

Who we are: The Hemingway Land Company is a rural land acquisition and resale firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada specializing in raw, vacant and undeveloped land throughout the American West and dedicated to creating affordable buying solutions for our customers.

What you will do:

  • You will be dealing directly with notaries, title companies and sellers.
  • You will be facilitating contracts, signings and coordinate purchasing for the company.
  • You will be trained by our current Transaction Coordinator and you will report directly to her.
  • You will be working from 9:00am – 5:00pm Pacific Time Zone (or 12:00am – 8:00am PH time)
  • This is NOT a sales position.

What you must have:

  • Female Applicants are preferred in this position
  • Excellent Spoken and English Language skills (experience in a call center is preferred but not mandatory; No accent)
  • Very organized with an excellent memory
  • Someone who has been a Team Leader (not necessary, but preferred).
  • Someone who takes initiative and doesn't need to be told what to do. Someone who anticipates problems before they become problems.
  • Someone with a quiet work environment (No screaming children, barking dogs, or neighbor's chickens).
  • Someone who has a good work ethic – who is professional enough to report on time
  • Someone with their own RELIABLE computer/laptop/software/internet connection, etc.
  • Someone who has a REAL backup internet (We always get this issue of not reporting on duty due to no internet connection)

What we promise:

  • Starting Salary: $200/week (equals $800 most months, sometimes $1,000).
  • With each Month's salary paid in advance on the first Wednesday of every month. New hires will be subject to a 90 Day trial period. If you can't do the job in the first 90 days, you won't last much longer. If you can do the job and prove valuable to the company, your salary will be renegotiated commiserate with your skill level after the 90 days.
  • Employer adheres to 13th Month Custom.
  • Medical benefits after one year employed.

The Deal: That said, if you're selected for this position, you're good, you’re work ethic is way high, and you thrive in it, our employer will make it worth your while.