Teamficient is hiring a medical virtual assistant

Dec 11 '20 ramiro_brekke 5322 clicks job
Teamficient Virtual Assistant

WE ARE NOW HIRING A MEDICAL VIRTUAL ASSISTANT 👉🏻WHO: Teamficient - 👉🏻WHAT: Home-Based Medical Virtual Assitant 👉🏻SALARY RANGE: $600-$700 (starting — appraisal after 3 months) 👉🏻HOW: See details below Schedule Range: 7AM – 7PM CST (w/ 1 hr break) Working Hours: 10 hours a day Day Off: TBD (2 days in a week)

We are Teamficient, a flexible team of highly experienced professionals that facilitate access to practical solutions specific to the business of our clients, and we are looking for an experienced Medical Virtual Assistant to work under one of our clients.

The roles & responsibilities includes: taking phone calls if an operator is absent, doing admin tasks for the client if an emoloyee is absent, will handle complaints, will manage lot of things related to Driving school tasks, and etc.

Business of the client: Driving School Tasks:

  • Data Entry (records patient's personal and medical information)
  • Make inbound calls for setting up new patient appointments and verifying insurance coverage
  • Call patients to update their medical records


  • Experience with OPEN CARE is plus points
  • Must have relevant work experience in an administrative role such as updating and filing records, scheduling appointments and answering calls.
  • Has excellent verbal and communication skills
  • Willing to be trained on US medical insurance terminologies, coverage and policies
  • Skillful in Gsuite or Microsoft Office (for data entry tasks)
  • Knowledge in medical terms is an advantage but NOT A REQUIREMENT

System Requirements:

  • Desktop/Laptop
  • Intel Core i3
  • 4GB RAM for multitasking requirements
  • Workstation free from any Noise and Distractions
  • Backup Internet Connection
  • USB Headset with Noise Cancelling
  • Backup for Power Outage: Generator/UPS or Alternative Location

As an immediate requirement, you can send me a recorded video (showing your face) along with your RESUME. Just a short intro video of yourself, interested and skillset that lasts for 1-2 mins only.