Shanghai based company English VIP is hiring Filipino home-based teachers

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Happy New Year! We Are Hiring More Filipino Home-based Teachers for the month of January!!!

English VIP, an Online English Platform based in Shanghai, is currently looking for passionate Home-based Online English Teachers like you!

Name: English VIP Location: Shanghai, China

Salary and Incentives: (Level-A teachers) =Php65 / 25-minute video class (Level-B teachers) =Php60 / 25-minute video class (Level-C teachers) =Php50 / 25-minute video class

  • Training BONUS! (to be discussed in the interview)
  • Plus 10% incentive for good performance and perfect attendance
  • Teacher leveling is to be done by the recruitment manager


  • 25-minute video class
  • To be conducted in English VIP Platform
  • Peak hours: 6:00pm to 11:00pm (A teacher can teach for a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 9 hours everyday.)


  1. Reached at least 2 years in college. TEFL/TESOL or equivalent teaching certification PREFERRED BUT NOT REQUIRED.
  2. Fluent in English without a strong accent
  3. Should have more than one year of experience in teaching English or is willing to undergo training
  4. Be available to do this part time job for AT LEAST 7 MONTHS (as it will be stated in the contract).
  5. Should be passionate to teach English to Chinese ESL learners
  6. Good behavior
  7. No criminal records

Technical Requirements:

  1. Desktop or laptop with camera
  2. Noise cancelling headphones
  3. Well-lighted and Quiet workplace
  4. Stable network connection (wired connection, NOT WIFI)

Hiring Process:

  1. Send a copy of your updated resume and a 2-minute video introduction to our Skype.

  2. Initial interview with the Chinese recruitment staff.

  3. Demo class

  4. Training

  5. Final Assessment

  6. Submission of requirements

  7. Start teaching

So what are you waiting for!? Join the awesome English VIP team now!

Disclaimer: There's a contract between the teachers and the company that must be followed.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions:)

  1. Is this a booking system?

A: No. It is NOT a booking system. You will have regular students with regular schedules.

  1. Are teaching materials provided?

A: Yes. The teaching materials are provided by the company.

  1. How and when is the salary sent?

A:It's thru bank transfer and it is sent once a month on every 15th of the month.

  1. Is there a training? How long is the training?

A: Yes there is a training. It depends on your available schedule. The length of the training depends on your learning curve. If you can learn fast, then you can finish the training in just a short period of time.

  1. What is the teaching time required?

A:We require teachers to work for at least 3 hours every night, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. If you can work from 6:00pm to 11:00pm or beyond, that would be wonderful.

  1. Is there a morning and afternoon schedule?

A:Yes, but it depends on the availability of the students.

  1. What is the age range of the students?

A: Our students range from kids, teenagers to adults. Mostly, it's adults.

  1. Are there any penalities for absences.

A: You won't have penalty if you ask for leave ahead of time. You are allowed to be absent 3 times for each student you have, in a month. The 4th time you will be absent or if you deliberately did not ask for a leave, you will be penalized.

  1. Do you have your own platform or software for teaching?

A: Yes, there is. You will be using the Rocky English teaching platform/software.

Thank you and God bless!