Ruskin Consulting is Currently Looking for a PPC Specialist!

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Ppc Specialist

Looking for a PPC Specialist! Please read carefully and make sure that you fully understand. This is a PPC job but is open to newbies and you must undergo our free training that will help you get Google certified. Work Remotely? [YES/NO]: YES Job Role: PPC Specialist Company: Ruskin Consulting (

Work Hours and Schedule: 10 PM - 6 AM Philippine Time, adjusts +/- 1hr depending on what part of the world the boss is, Monday-Friday, No holidays whatsoever although you can take as much time off you want but No Work, No Pay.

Work Duration: This job is a full-time independent contractor position that is paid hourly.

Rate or Salary range: Php20,000/month to Php70,000/month, salary is discussed in detail on the assessment/training and will be discussed again in even more detail on the contract. We pay biweekly via PayPal in Pesos, fees are shouldered by the boss, so you receive your rate in full.

Where/How to send the application?: Take this Short Assessment/IQ Test and wait for a response whether you passed and can move on to the interview.

Description/Information: We work mainly with Google Search Ads, so we can hire you full time by just knowing it but because the structure is almost the same with other PPC platforms, you are expected to learn/work with Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Amazon Ads, etc as you work longer for the company.


  • working computer/laptop.
  • stable internet connection.
  • working headset, we can forgive you for the first few months but as you make more money, we expect better headsets.
  • a self-starter, ability to Google answers, and willingness to learn on their own.

Thank you.