Planning to create a VA agency but it's composed of my family members

Oct 14 otha_barrows 534 clicks ask

Hi po, I am planning to create a VA agency but it's composed of my family members. I have a lot of family members who have been asking me for part-time or full-time work online. I wonder if anybody has done this and I would like to get your opinion on how clients view this type of set-up kasi same family names. Currently I have 2 subcontractors under me but I am the one speaking to the clients and I was thinking to just do this but it might blow up in my face if too many na sila. Should I notify future clients that I will delegate the work or mas better if not. Or just create an agency but ako lang ang mag de-deal sa clients and inform them I will train an assistant. I'm not sure if I am making sense but hopefully someone can help. TIA!

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If you're just starting up, you don't need to ramp up too quickly. Put your business model, payout process, contracts (for sure you already have it drafted), policies documented first. Then yes, you deal with the clients, you set the amount per hour, and then get that client a competent VA. Eventually, you're going to hire someone who will take care of the admin stuff for you (like doing payouts, accounting of your agency, and someone screening VA candidates.) Overall - it's a good problem.

Ihanda mo na puso at wallet mo sa drama. Make sure to train properly. Also the client doesn't need to know the names of people working in your agency. Everything is paid to you and you just pay them from the agency fund.

That's a tough job for you. As long as you can deliver and transparent on both parties there wont be a problem I guess.

Create the agency and be the face and voice of the agency.