Persistence AI - Full Time | Long Term Special Projects Engineer (Laravel / PHP / MYSQL )

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Software Engineer

Job Role: Special Projects Engineer (Laravel / PHP / MYSQL )! Company: Persistence AI Work Hours and schedule: Full-time (35-40 hours / week), Flexible but must overlap for at least 4-5 hours during EST Business Hours Rate or Salary Range: Negotiable depending on experience Commission based only? NO

Description: Are you a problem solver who loves a new challenge? Do you have a strong track record of developing great applications using Laravel / PHP / MYSQL? Do you enjoy using technology and tools to solve problems and create efficiencies? Are you curious, and love to learn? Do you thrive on creating order from chaos? Do you enjoy having the opportunity to work on different projects? Do you want to be part of a fast growing startup where you will be responsible for key projects crucial to growth and success? If you answered YES! to the above, please read on - we'd love to chat with you… ( But if you are looking for a gig where you will be doing the same thing, day after day - you should stop reading now )

Do not forget to include "I am a Rockstar Engineer" in the first line of your cover letter!

**About Persistence AI **

Persistence AI is a technology company that uses Artificial Intelligence and SMS messaging to help our customers grow their businesses dramatically by helping them convert more of their leads into appointments (and eventually customers). Our proven technology works in industries such as Solar (we're on a mission to make the earth more green!), Financial Services, Insurance, and Home Services. Our platform is already transforming our customer's businesses - and we're helping them interact with thousands of new customers every single day. And we’re just getting started. We are in hyper-growth mode, and this is where you come in!

Special Projects Engineer - What you’ll be doing

  • In your role as a special projects engineer, you will be responsible for working with the leadership team to identify, plan and execute on key projects and initiatives that are crucial for the overall company success
  • This is a unique role for a great engineer / developer who wants the opportunity to work on different internal projects, and have true ownership in critical projects and initiatives for the company.
  • These projects will vary dramatically and may range from helping research a new potential business partner, to helping develop a process for better onboarding new customers, to building out a metrics dashboard to help us monitor company and customer KPIs.
  • This is a very hands-on, roll your sleeves up, and get to work type of position where you will be in the center of making sure the project succeeds.
  • You will be responsible for executing on the majority of the work yourself, but there will be resources available for assisting with the work (such as a virtual assistant to help with research or formatting data), so you should be comfortable with identifying tasks that can be delegated
  • You will always be on the lookout for ways the company can improve and be more efficient - and creating solutions
  • While you will be expected to learn and problem-solve a lot in this role on your own, there will also be a high amount of mentorship available. You must be able to balance this, and know when to ask for help and assistance on projects. This position is Full Time (35-40 hours / week) with BIG room for growth!

This is for YOU if you have….

  • First and foremost, you MUST be a problem solver who thrives on a new challenge
  • Your superpower is thinking creatively to solve problems, finding solutions that other may miss. You’ll need to figure out how to get the round peg in the square hole
  • You will need great communication skills, as you will be working across the company, interacting will multiple people and roles
  • Deep technical skills. You should be a great developer, with years of experience using Laravel (or a similar PHP framework), MySQL, and developing web applications from the ground up. You should also be comfortable and familiar with technology in general as well, and finding the best solutions, for example using tools such as Zapier to integrate disparate tools and data
  • You will need amazing problem solving skills, and the ability to plan out and execute a task or project
  • You need the ability to research and find existing solutions to a problem - and the ability to identify tools or software needed for a solution.
  • Strong attention to detail
  • A Passion for business, technology and helping others succeed
  • A deep understanding of time management, prioritization, and focusing on what is most important
  • Strong experience working with others in a dynamic environment. (something new every day)
  • Understanding of business data, metrics, and how to use these to build a strategy, diagnose problems, and help our company scale. ( We'll provide training on the specifics, but you should have a high level understanding )
  • A deep desire to learn and grow every single day
  • Experience using 3rd party APIs, building integrations, and using Twilio (or another SMS platform) would be a HUGE plus

It would be Awesome (but not required) if you also have...

  • Some background in marketing or sales
  • A background in business operations, or supporting key business initiatives
  • A proven track record in a role where you were responsible for executing on special projects
  • A general understanding of how a "marketing funnel" works, and the key drivers for success
  • Previous experience using marketing automation tools and/or online advertising (FB, Google etc..)

What's in it for You?

  • You will be in a remote position with a high level of autonomy and flexible work hours
  • You'll be part of a dynamic and fun team and you will learn a ton REALLY fast (get ready to drink from the fire hose!)
  • Unlike in the corporate world (and most other JOBS), your thoughts, opinions and work really count – you will get to design and implement solutions with no BS
  • Opportunity for rapid growth and development (Did we mention we're in hyper growth mode?? We need folks on the journey who can really grow with us)
  • We already mentioned that you'll learn a TON, fast - but it is worth repeating. Whether you want to learn more about Technology, AI, General Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and more - you'll get it all. We're a high growth team with decades of experience in tech and business. We love to mentor, and help others grow personally and professionally.

Persistence AI - Our Values We mentioned above what Persistence AI does, and how we help our customers crush it - but we also think it is important to share WHO we are as well. We're building an awesome team, and making sure we have the right culture fit is just as important to us as everything else! Here are the values we share: Pluck ( spirited and determined courage. AKA Hustle, Grit)

  • Deep Passion in everything you do!
  • Purpose driven
  • Problem Solver - We can always find a solution
  • Total Ownership of everything you do
  • Self-Motivated
  • The courage to speak your mind
  • Humble, Open and Growth Focused
  • Self-Aware
  • Ability to admit and express both success and failures - and learn from each
  • Always Learning, Always Curious
  • Relentless desire for Self-Improvement

Elevate the Team

  • Team-first mindset. You must be able to put the team success first
  • Be empathetic, care about people
  • Be Real, even when it's tough. The courage to be Authentic & Direct always wins
  • Be Positive
  • Be Fun and infectious
  • Don’t be an Eeyore!

INTERESTED? If all this sounds awesome, and like a perfect fit - we want to chat ASAP! Complete the application here and submit your resume.

There’s a pretty extensive hiring process for this position, we’ll be in touch with you to let you know the next steps!

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