Part-time Admin Assistant - Having background in construction, drafting, and 3D rendering is a PLUS

Apr 05 '21 goodwin_marielle 1454 clicks job
Admin Assistant Part Time

Work Remotely: YES Job Role: Part-time Admin Assistant Work Hours & Schedule: Manila time, Monday to Friday Work Duration: Part-time, 4 hours per day Rate or Salary Range: P210 to P270 per hour Commission Based Only: NO

Main Responsibilities:

  • Monitor inbox and respond to emails
  • Access, store, and send files using Google Drive/Suite
  • Applying for permits, drafting and 3D rendering
  • Organize and maintain website
  • Conduct research on suppliers, service providers, etc (e.g. Website development for a sales lead generation and conversion)
  • Administrative tasks such as contract management, producing quotes/estimates, etc.
  • Multiple ad-hoc tasks to help out on daily business operations

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. With about 3 to 4 years proven experience in a fast-paced administrative role
  2. Intermediate to advanced skills in Google Suite programs, more specifically Google Sheets (or MS Excel)
  3. Excellent written and oral communication
  4. A technoid - loves and interested in technology

Bonus Preferred Qualification: Past experience working for a construction company or with background in construction, drafting, and 3D rendering, and understands building plans is a MAJOR PLUS! If you have these, please include it in your application so you’d be prioritized. 🙂

Thank you!