My client asks me to learn digital marketing

Aug 29 '20 istark 1213 clicks ask

Hi Guys,

Need some advice po. Client is asking me to learn or study about digital marketing. He wants me to takeover a job from a resigning employee (ecommerce manager). Where should I start? I am very much willing to learn about it.

Thank You po in advance.

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Google, meron din course sa Udemy.

Try skillshare. They have first 2 months free subscription.

Udemy, full digital marketing course Nasa $10 lang ata

Digital marketing is too broad. Ask your employer which one he needs you to learn specifically.

Read this to learn what are the skills in this industry. Obviously you can’t learn everything so you need to ask him which skill is the most important for his business.

What are the tasks of the former employee? Start from there. Usually it involves a tool and how to do it. There are a lot of tutorials on yt. 😊

linkedIn course.

LinkedIn Learning has a free course on digital marketing

Digital marketing is so broad.

What did the previous employee specialize in?

You can start with LinkedIn learning to get the basics of digital marketing.

Also, try checking Google digital garage

Then a lot of hands on practice.

Since you're taking over an ecommerce manager position, learn about ecommerce marketing. Here's Neil Patel's free training

google has a free digital marketing course with certificate.