MobiBiz Marketing is looking for a motivated home-based social media marketing professional

Jan 01 '20 Yhun 3026 clicks job

MobiBiz Marketing is looking for a motivated, home-based Social Media Marketing Professional in the Philippines to help develop content, ads, and perform other tasks for clients. The applicant must also have experience in working with the in-house Sales reps to help with Sales Emails and other company Marketing.

MobiBiz Marketing is a Start-Up Social Media Marketing company that is a sister company of Lurtsema Consulting, LLC. We have been in business since July 2017 and conduct business mostly in Alaska. We specialize in Political Campaigning. Some of our political clients reach all over the United States from local campaigns to National Campaigns. We also have clients in many other industries such as Restaurants, Real Estate, and General Construction.

MobiBiz Marketing specializes in Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Website Development, Graphic Design, Email Marketing, Campaign Management, and other Marketing/Outreach Activities. We are a growing organization and believe our people are our #1 assets! We currently have three people in the business, will you be our fourth?

An applicant MUST have the following qualifications to be considered for this position:

  • 3 years Social Media Marketing Experience
  • 3 years Facebook Marketing Experience
  • 3 Years in Website Development
  • 1 Year in Instagram Marketing Experience
  • 1 Year of Photoshop or related graphic/photo editing skill
  • 1 Year in Graphic Design
  • 1 Year in Sales
  • 1 Year of Experience using a CRM
  • EXCELLENT English Grammar Skills

OPTIONAL but preferred qualification:

  • A 4-year degree or better
  • 3+ Years in Sales
  • 3+ Years of Graphic Design
  • Hubspot Experience
  • Slack Experience
  • Trello Experience

If you feel like you meet our qualifications, please send a cover letter & resume for consideration. The cover letter HAS TO cover the MUST qualifications and the OPTIONAL qualification whether you have them or not. Certain stated OPTIONAL qualifications may trump MUST qualifications, so don’t hesitate to state if you DON’T have certain qualifications. Honesty & Integrity are important.