Losing Instagram followers everyday 🤣

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Hi! I need advice, any social media managers here?

I’ve been managing this Instagram account for months now. It’s losing followers everyday. Before kasi ngpa pa contest siya each week to gain followers hanggang Umabot ng 50k. Nung ako na ng manage ng account, she stopped the giveaways and now followers are 45k. She insisted I would post 3x a day before until I convinced her we are posting too much. Now we only post once or twice a day + stories.

Another thing is, she doesn’t believe in engaging. She doesn’t want me to engage in target customers. Plus all I do is reposting photos of clients using her product, I’m losing content to post as she doesn’t provide me with photos to post.

How do you deal with this and do you have any strategy to stop losing followers? Thanks!

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If you don't want to lose followers. Make a relationship with them and give lots of value.

Dapat may social engagement talaga. It's like business. Parang may attitude si client mo. Just let her know if the trend continues, definitely she'll lose all. If she's not open to your suggestion, look for another client. You're there for a reason. If she will not listen to you, she can do it by herself then.

It’s also effective to post with fresh contents like creating quotes related to the niche using canva. Or perhaps share some relevant memes to gain more audience engagement.

No growth without engagement. Make a report with an action plan tapos iparamdam mo na ikaw ang expert. Kaya mo yan!

No IG marketing works without engagement! Social media eto eh so what is the use of not socializing? Ganito gawin mo. Kunin mo lahat ng data sa insights ni IG since you took over and the contests are done and show him/her exactly how followers have plummeted yung may graph/bars talaga para klaro and tell her "this is the result of not engaging. What use was your contests before when we will just lose more followers now". let's see how client reacts

Also, first come from a point of view of understanding client in his/her shoes. If he/she's doing IG before has he/she not paid particular attention to engagement ever? What changed. I feel like there's a lot of other details not said. Try mong husayin si client to ask why does she think engagement doesnt matter (Despite the bulk of evidence), baka nagtitipid sa ipambabayad sa yo if you do more hours engaging? Try to understand client's situation first so you'll know best how to solve the problem. Hope this helps!

She doesn't know her stuff obviously. 😅

Tell her your dilemna.

Community engagement to audience is very important and post twice a day. If you don't have engagement you'll surely lose followers.

engagement tlga sa socmed. i handle fb, twitter and pinterest accounts and my boss just lets me do anything i think is good for us. people love engagement and most like it when u respond to them. plus dont forget the hashtags. 🙂

Remind her that she hired you to do a job, so she should trust you with it. If she doesn't want your input, she only wants a machine and she can do that with hootsuite or similar apps na wala ring paki alam sa business nya.

Parang may kilala akong ganyang boss ah. Explain mo nalang ulit sa kanya bgyan mo din siya ng report na nagpapakita na bumababa ang followers at need talaga ng engagement kase mawawala interes ng consumer pag ganyan.

Engagement ang importante talaga to gain followers. You have to insist sa client mo yan especially kung hindi na siya nagpapa-giveaway. Wala naman masama kung everyday ang posting as long as relevant at engaging yung mga posts.

Losing followers is a given in social media. It happens so expect that BUT it seems like there's more of a steady decrease, instead of steady increase in your audience so you are right to be alert.

There are several factors that could affect this but most likely it boils down to content and engagement.

With that kind of following, you don't need to be posting 2x a day unless it's for a special event. Once is enough and then stories can be several times a day. Is the content you post new? Is it engaging? It is it of value? Audience now more than ever look to social media for inspiration. It just isn't about shopping anymore. So the question is, are you doing that right?

Then there's engagement. Engagement is essential. That is why it's called social media because the foundation is to be social. Haha. If your client doesn't believe in this, then prove it by stats and a game plan. Present them a plan that includes engagement. Site different references (blog posts and youtuve videos) and show your client how you plan to engage. Maybe there's hesistancy because she's unsure you'll be a able to have that brand voice or she just doesn't know so show her. Take lead here. She hired you for SMM so show her your SMM capabilities. Once you have a plan set, implement it and stay consistent. Then show her the improvement.