Looking for a senior developer with e-commerce development experience to join our team!

Dec 16 '21 goyette_eveline 1530 clicks job

We are looking for a SENIOR DEVELOPER to join our team!

Do you have commercial experience developing, enhancing, and maintaining production systems?

Are you passionate about your work - with strong attention to detail and a strong drive for a great business outcome? Do you enjoy working within a team where you can talk directly with the key users of the system- and experience their joy as you solve their business problems? We're currently looking for a developer to assist our client maintain their existing e-commerce platform and help them plan for a replacement platform in the near future. Working within a fun and dynamic team, we want developers who invest in the outcome in their work - and are willing to be part of the business problem-solving process coming up with the best ways to overcome our business challenges

Roles & Responsibilities:

Enhancing our Wordpress eCommerce platform with new features

Enhancing existing features within our Wordpress eCommerce platform

Enhancing or standardizing the database structure that sits underneath our eCommerce platform

Integrating with other providers’ systems via REST-based APIs

Working on new projects in PHP that are unrelated to our eCommerce platform

Developing front-end views with CSS and React.

Salary Range $800 to $1200/ month. Depending on experience.