Legendary VAs is looking for a Rockstar Virtual Assistant for Online Arbitrage Sourcing on Amazon.
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Legendary VAs has an immediate opening for a Rockstar Virtual Assistant who will perform Online Arbitrage Sourcing on Amazon. Duties and Responsibilities · Source for products from online stores such as Walmart, Macy’s, Bestbuy, etc. to be sold on Amazon · Check Keepa graphs to ensure that the item is saleable and a good buy · Strictly adhere to the parameters given for Product Research · Compile the products/deals to be sent to the client · Create a spreadsheet where the daily deals will be saved and update it on a daily basis

Requirements and Experience · Prior knowledge and experience with Product Research/Sourcing is a plus, but not required · Experience with reading Keepa graph is a plus, but not required · Familiarity with Amazon and how it works as a whole is also a plus, but not required · Preferably internet savvy · English fluency both in verbal and written communication · Strong attention to detail/ability to follow instructions/thoroughness · Have a positive “can-do” attitude · Proficient in Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, etc. · A team player who is trustworthy and respectful of others · High-speed internet

Schedule · Part-time: 20 hours per week; Full-time: 40 hours per week · Monday – Friday · Daily schedule is flexible as long as daily goals are met

Pay/Salary · $200 to $400 per month · Payment will be submitted bi-monthly via Paypal (EVERY 2 WEEKS)

Benefits · Work from home · Flex schedule · Holiday Off · 13th Month bonus (pro-rated) · Advancement and growth opportunities


  1. Minimum $4 NET Profit
  2. Minimum 35% ROI
  3. Minimum of 13 sales rank drops per month according to Keepa. 10 drops are accepted if the product has 5 below sellers and has $5+ net profit and 35% + ROI
  4. $5 RULE If the product has Buybox, you need to check the current Buybox price and the 90-day average price. If the gap between these two prices is WITHIN $5, you can use the higher price. If the gap between these two prices is MORE THAN $5 you have to use the lower price. If the product has no Buybox, you still need to check the 90-day average price, however, you have to consider the current lowest price of the product from the seller list/graph. If the current price is lower than the 90-day average price, you can apply the $5 rule between these two prices.
  5. Only 1 variation is allowed if the variation has the same Parent ASIN and/or can be found on the same page/listing from both store and Amazon.
  6. We allow the same brand/products within the day.
  7. Make sure to add the shipping fee to the store price. You need to add 5 items to cart and make sure that you see the shipping fee. If there is a free shipping promotion on the items, it is CONSIDER as free shipping if the price difference is within $1 to $5
  8. Sales drop should be higher than the number of sellers.
  9. If the number of sellers is more than 15+, the total number of the inventory stocks should be not more than 45+ for all of the sellers.
  10. NO Seller tanking
  11. Ship weight should not be more than 5lbs. Ideally, we would love deals weighing 2lbs to 4 lbs. For deals 4lbs - 5lbs, Net profit should be higher than our parameters ( $5 or more )
  12. VA sharing - minimum 60 days sales history in Keepa

If you are interested, you can apply on our website at https://pages.legendaryvas.com/valearnmore. Add Rain Mendoza as referrer. MAGIC WORD: PURPLE MONKEY