Is it worth my time to be staying awake at night for my new client?

Feb 28 '20 Rizalyn 1679 clicks ask

Need your advice guys.

Current rate with existing clients $10/hr - flexi sched, non-voice

New client offer $5/hr - graveyard, with calls The rest of the tasks are the same

K new client po, shift will be 9am-5pm EST. Idle times will not be paid. So need to be online the entire shift and need to be ready to answer phone calls, emails and chats. Pero sa idle time within the shift, unpaid un hours.

May commission naman daw. But the products are gaming tables. Feeling ko d naman ganun kadalas ang sales, though high value products. D dn nadiacuss ang commission scheme.

Do you, guys, think this is fair or worth my time to be staying awake at night?

Thanks po in advance.

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sayang oras na ipupuyat mo kung hindi nmn pala bayad yung idle time.

Kakayanin ko lahat but no night shifts for me.

Let go nalang yong new client. May mas better pa na offer na darating.

I'll skip the new one, it is hard to be working on that one since idle is not paid. How many people will ask for game tables? Almost none. Pricey yet demand is low.

Thanks po! Ang question ko po talaga e kng ok lang na dapat available ako ng 9-5pm est pero ang paid lang pag may pumasok na customer or may adhoc tasks. Pag may idle time hindi paid.

@Rizalyn Not worth it. In 1 shift, you will probably be working in less than 1 hour. Bad thing, you are required to be online 8 hours. Your 8 hours is wasted.

@Hardomio Thank you for your advice.💗

Hnd bayad idle time. Panget.. sayang oras. Dami pang iba.

It will still depends on you po. If you really want to accept or work with that $5 client. If I were you po kung well compensate ka naman and enough naman para sa needs mo or family ang nKukuha mo dyan sa $15 I will not take risk. Why don't you ask nalang po yong isa mo client na taasan ang oras mo per week. Just my opinion.

Are you getting fulltime on your existing clients? If yes, then this is not worth your time. But if you’re looking for extra income, this is not bad at all. However, $5 is too cheap for all the tasks mentioned.