Is it really difficult to get hired because you're a senior citizen?

Nov 13 '20 sonya_raynor 1194 clicks ask

Is it really difficult to get hired because you're a senior citizen?

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You will be surprised, advantage ang senior employer especially sa foreign companies. Sa Pinas lang naman me age discrimination.

Maybe you guys have a spare campaign that we can run here in my center

I have never been asked my age, ever. Clients care about skill. I guess if may rayuma ka na and you cant work a keyboard 🙁 that would be the only facto.

No, I have had a lot of wave mates who are really old. Most of the time, they do better than the other trainees.

No maam, as long as you are still able to deliver and perform, age should not be an issue, im 55 going 56 n have one colleague who is 59 and both still working on a graveyard shift, so if you are able, I'm sure someone will hire you po.

No, senior citizens are welcome in the world of freelancing.

Your lengthy experience is big plus po. Focus applying sa niche mo po. I would suggest lang mam magcatch up ka na lang sa technology. Everything can be learned. I used to have a colleague sa dati ko na client and was 62 years old but she's really great at learning new apps and very patient. I also used to have a customer service agent who is totally blind but I assigned him in emails because he uses this voice-to-text application. It's really just a matter of filling the gap that will help you work online as effective as you were for the past years sa BPO. Google will be your best friend po mam. Be resourceful. You can do this.

I admire senior citizens who would still opt to work! Good luck po and hoping you find this place useful and helpful for your questions and needs.